Inner Wisdom

Inner Wisdom: 22 Steps to Higher Consciousness


Within our hearts lies the power to master life’s challenges and grow in wisdom and love. This inner potential can be activated and developed when we apply a systematic approach. In this 22-week course, you will have the opportunity to learn about the seven primary powers of consciousness that are always operating in your life – whether in a positive, negative or neutral way. You will gain a good understanding of how to develop and direct these powers to overcome obstacles and advance your personal growth. You will learn about the stages of conscious development and explore these levels of awakening as they unfold in your own life.

You will discover the meaning of the time-honored archetypes of the little-known, esoteric Tarot that is not used for fortune telling, but rather contains symbols that can activate and increase your command over your inborn powers of consciousness. You will learn how to use these tools to enhance your awareness and bring meaningful change to your life.


Your presenter for this transformational course is Chavah Aima, a lifelong mystical arts practitioner and teacher, and a certified professional coach. A former psychotherapist and addictions counselor, Chavah has a unique understanding of the usefulness of symbols and metaphors in healing the human mind, body and soul. She is sharing these teachings publicly for the first time in this unique course.

Enroll in the Inner Wisdom course and get access to 22 videos, and a 380+ page downloadable training manual filled with practical tools to help you integrate the knowledge into your life, clarify your personal goals for the course and makes plans to overcome challenges.


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