Conscious Coaching

Touchstone: A consciousness coaching company dedicated to integral awareness for enduring success in life. The way is in the heart.

Virtual Coaching: Touchstone coaches work with people in every location. Our services are available worldwide in private, online video meetings, by Skype or telephone.

Integral Consciousness Coaching: The integral approach to life, career, health, love and money recognizes and honors the unifying force in all of these aspects of life – your consciousness. By unifying all of the elements of your own awareness, you can achieve greater fulfillment and success. Our coaches help bring your hidden potentials to the surface and coach you to go deeper into your true motivation and vision. They support you to attain a more harmonious and integrated life. In any arena, integral consciousness coaching can help you claim your true purpose and live a more rewarding and meaningful life.

Financial Wellness Coaching: Money coaching is the one thing that can change everything! Explore, discover and master your relationship with money. If your efforts are not resulting in increased financial wealth and wellness, money coaching can help. Our money coaching model is called, the Money Wheel. It is an integral consciousness approach to financial health that has contributed to the success of our coaches and clients alike. Essential knowledge, effective planning, strategic alignment and deep self-awareness play vital roles in our conscious money coaching program. When you understand the integral nature of money, you can gain in mastery. You can experience more freedom and independence in life.

Conscious Business, Innovation & Entrepreneurial Coaching: A strong vision, sense of purpose and clearly defined strategy are essential factors in bringing your dreams to life. The conscious approach to business involves following a business strategy that benefits both the stake-holders and the larger society. Conscious business or innovation coaching involves an ongoing process of awareness – of self, purpose, practice and relationships. Applying the tools of integral consciousness, the coaching dynamic helps visionaries and entrepreneurs to effectively create positive value for their companies and higher values for people, profit and the planet.

Life Mastery Coaching: If you need help to find a job or career you love, wish to start or expand your own business, want to lose weight, adopt a healthier lifestyle or are looking for a loving relationship that fulfills your needs, our coaches provide inspiration, accountability and practical tools to help you achieve the results you desire.

Astrology and Destiny Coaching: Business owners, celebrities and leaders of all kinds consult astrology and destiny advisers to enhance their success. For example, did you know your natal chart can highlight the best branding for your business or enterprise? Astrology coaching reviews the natal chart, transits and progressions to help you incorporate vital insights and informed decision-making into your goals and planning. The destiny system refines this information, pointing out the best timing and your most helpful relationships for success in money, work, career, life and love. These popular systems of personal insight, combined with strategic coaching sessions, can lead you toward a more self-aware, exciting and fulfilling life.

Holistic Wellness Coaching: Discover how the mind-body-spirit connection can help you increase your awareness and revolutionize your life. Our effective coaching strategies can help you reach your goals for a healthy, happy mind, body and life. Our mentors teach techniques proven by neuroscience to increase confidence, instill focus and inspire an empowered life. Methods taught include yoga, pranayama, kriya, mantra, meditation, mindfulness and yogic psychology.

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