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We understand the power of an awakened life and we offer you the opportunity to experience this path of harmony, freedom and health for yourself. Our coaches not only have extensive training, skills and experience, they are thriving by living their own lives from the same expansive consciousness they bring to you. The most effective guide leads you from darkness to light, to help you discover what is real and what is unreal. A consciousness coach is not someone who dwells on philosophies. It is a person who has the ability to lead you into your own awakening. A mentor gives methods, tools and techniques that you can apply to overcome roadblocks, master yourself and take charge of your life.


Chavah Aima, MSW, CPC
Executive Director, Mentor Coach
Integral Consciousness Coaching for: Conscious Business, Financial Wellness, Women Entrepreneurs, Life Transformation

Chavah is the founder and executive director of Touchstone. A Certified Professional Coach, Chavah holds a Master’s degree in social work and is a successful business owner. She brings a special focus in integral consciousness to all of her work, inspired by her years of training and practice in the yogic traditions of self-actualization.

In addition to the highly effective techniques of professional coaching, Chavah teaches evidence-based, consciousness-shifting techniques that have been demonstrated to enhance optimum brain function for more clarity, focus, fulfillment and positive results. She has a wealth of insights into the nature of the mind, and shares proven strategies to help her clients make life-changing changes that lead to greater success.

In her coaching practice, workshops and seminars, Chavah shares highly specialized, consciousness-based principles and methods for greater financial wealth and wellness. These money fundamentals have been key to her own success, and that of others who have experienced this systematic, holistic approach to finance.

When you partner with Chavah as your money coach, you can expect big changes in how you think about and deal with money in your life as your understanding expands in new directions. She provides essential information, expert mentoring and effective tools to help her clients unite their inner vision with outer world financial success.

The conscious approach to business involves following a business strategy that benefits both the stake-holders and the larger society. Conscious business, enterprise or innovation coaching involves an ongoing process of awareness – of self, purpose, practice and relationships. Applying the tools of integral consciousness within the coaching dynamic, Chavah helps visionaries and entrepreneurs to effectively create positive value for their companies and higher values for people, profit and the planet.

With 20+ years of experience as an astrologist, destiny system expert, author and researcher, Chavah can add these insightful tools to the coaching dynamic as desired for greater awareness and success in business, money, love and life. This valuable information is used by successful business owners, celebrities and leaders to get the most out of every opportunity and master all challenges.

Chavah brings a tangible presence and an expansive consciousness to every meeting as she supports you to activate your own inner truth and realize your dreams. If you are ready to transform the mundane experiences of life into an exciting journey filled with wisdom, abundance and love, Chavah is an ideal mentor, coach and companion on your path to the awakened life.

Testimonials for Chavah-

“I want to thank Chavah for giving me a chance to experience working with her at Touchstone. She truly was the catalyst for change in my life and for that I am truly grateful. I needed to know how to best support my adult child through some major challenges, and her coaching and techniques helped me greatly. She provides a completely safe and loving environment and brings a personal touch to all of our meetings. She is very professional and motivated and always willing to answer questions. I enjoy our conversations as she shares and supports the same values I hold. I can’t say enough about the unbounded love, compassion and skillful guidance I’ve received from Chavah.”  ~Valentina, Legal Practitioner.

“There has never been a moment since I met her in 1989 that I have not been inspired by Chavah. She truly understands our human souls, personalities and spirit at the highest level. With her as my coach and guide, I found my way out of the darkness into the real light of eternal love. It is a joy to work with her. I have also observed her work with people in a professional capacity all over the U.S., bringing about healing and masterfully helping others attain their dreams. She has been an extraordinary blessing in my life, in a very supportive and gentle way.”  ~M.K. Richard, Advocate

“Working with Chavah is absolutely wonderful. I felt like she really understood me and my situation. I love the clear steps we set up, and have already become more productive in meeting my goals. A great experience all around!”  ~Isabella, Community Herbalist

“Chavah Aima, as my mentor coach, has provided me with the perfect combination of experiential learning and wisdom gained through her written work and one-on- one meetings.  Chavah has patiently and lovingly guided me to unravel many layers of old patterns. She has empowered me to find the strength to come closer to the true Self on the path of freedom – true freedom of all limitations that we blindly place upon ourselves.  I am grateful beyond words for our work together and her continued presence on the path.”  ~Carolyn F., Educator and Therapeutic Bodyworker.


Wendell Jones, CPC, CYT
Associate Mentor Coach
Integral Consciousness, Astrology, Personal Growth

Wendell received a BA in Vedic Studies from Maharishi University. He is dedicated to giving you the opportunity to experience higher states of consciousness and become empowered as a master of your life. Wendell believes in the power of meditation to bring resolution to all of life’s challenges. His approach to working with others includes the use of potent spiritual tools that help you connect to and synthesize deeper insights about your life and world. He teaches Astrology as a path to self-knowledge and success. He coaches his clients to make the most of their astrological influences to reach their goals.  Wendell is an ideal coach for comprehensive personal growth. He will show you how to integrate timeless wisdom to develop spiritually and realize your dreams.

Wendell helps you see the choices you are making, revealing hidden impulses and shadows so you can become more clear and be more successful. His expertise in Ayurvedic science and holistic nutrition can improve the quality of your energy, allowing your consciousness to shift to a higher level. His directness and precision in communication supports you to move from confusion into clarity.  Wendell’s genuine and authentic presence as your coach and guide breaks through the barriers, to help you see yourself and your life in a more meaningful way. He embodies the path of responsibility and independence, meets you where you are and gives you the tools you need to master every circumstance life brings your way.

Testimonials for Wendell

Working with Wendell Jones as my coach and mentor has allowed me to have structure and measured success in my own awakening. It provides a framework by which I discovered a deeper knowledge of self and garnered a greater level of peace, wisdom and understanding. As a result, I now can be detached from environmental triggers and remain calm, clear and objective. In the beginning of this lifestyle change, I was not consistent which turned out to be a great thing, because it proved the value of my practice. I’m grateful for Wendell’s patience and purpose-driven life work. Cleo A., Acupuncturist, Herbalist, Massage Therapist

Although I’ve only been working with Wendell for a short time it has made a big difference. I feel more calm, more relaxed and my focus and concentration have also improved. I recently had a challenging experience which I was able to handle much better than I would have in the past, and I do believe it is because of the meditation I have learned from Wendell. Conversing with him as my coach has been motivating and inspiring, and I’m looking forward to seeing what more will be revealed. Donnette M., CASAC, Addiction Recovery Assessment Specialist


Ahmed Hossain, CCC
Associate Coach
Community, Life, Career, and Relationships

Ahmed obtained his MA degree in English Language and Literature from Asian University. He stands passionately for people and their most authentic, vibrant and fulfilling life, one in which they are not only realizing their dreams but savoring the journey along the way. He calls them forth to be the artist of their life, intentionally creating exactly what they want – a life they love! He creates an open and safe space for you to clarify intentions, explore possibilities and clear obstacles to make “impossible” dreams a reality. His coaching sessions are often described as ‘inspiring’, ‘energetic’ and ‘transformative’. Ahmed is committed to helping people become empowered in their lives, to see their own radiance and hear their own inner guidance.

As a Certified Community Coach, Ahmed is uniquely qualified to help people make meaningful changes in their lives, navigate life transitions and create a healthier life balance. His approach to life coaching will help you get clear on the best outcome for you, create a plan, and take the right steps to get results.

Using the tools of professional coaching, Ahmed helps you see expanded possibilities for yourself, your life, career and relationships. He can support you to make changes in your existing careers, find your true passion in a completely new career, or take your career to the next level. In your coaching relationship with Ahmed, you will discover what you really want, explore the best strategies for success and create positive, lasting change in your life.



Astrum Lux Lucis, BBA, HHC, CPT
Associate Mentor Coach
Holistic Health & Wellness, LGBT, Mindfulness, Recovery

Astrum earned her Bachelors Degree in Business from the University of Miami where she focused on entrepreneurial skill development.  This has proven very beneficial in her work with business executives and entrepreneurs.  She earned her Holistic Health Coach certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition / Columbia University following her passion for whole body health and wellness, and added to that certification as a Personal Trainer through the American Council on Exercise.

She’s an accomplished singer/songwriter and currently fronts conscious rock band One World (R)evolution.  Knowing of the power of sound to balance the brain and open to higher states of consciousness, she’s developing a Chakra Meditation Series which will be comprised of both sound and guided meditation to fully connect both hemispheres of the brain and open up each chakra to the inner wisdom within.

She believes a whole-being approach is the key to thriving in life- integrating all aspects of the human – mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual.  She focuses on a whole food diet combined with mindfulness practices that utilize the latest discoveries in neuroscience dealing with re-patterning the brain and shifting from fear based states to love based states, empowering people to truly become the masters of their life.

Astrum will help you see yourself as you never have before.  Offering simple everyday practical tools and techniques that are both powerful and effective at producing sometimes instantaneous results, bringing you to a place of self-realization you’ve never known before.  She’ll empower you to fully step into your Greatness and thrive in life, no matter what life may throw at you.  Let Astrum help you create the vision of Greatness for your life.

Testimonials for Astrum-

“Working with Astrum was such a pleasure.  I always felt safe and supported.  She gave me some wonderful tools to use to manage my emotions and taught me how to create vision in my life.  I see life through a different lens now and I feel empowered to accomplish the many goals I’ve set for myself.”  ~April O., Singer/songwriter/musician

“Astrum is so personable and down to earth.  Her coaching style is so empowering and she inspired me through allowing me to explore my own path of self-discovery verses just telling me a bunch of stuff to do.  I was able to stop behavioral patterns that had been driving my life unconsciously for years in a matter of just a few weeks after working with her.  I am forever grateful to her and continue to work with her as a mentor and coach to this day.”  ~Tina C., Executive Assistant

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