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Our mission is to share effective and proven methods that will benefit you in profoundly meaningful ways. We partner with people who desire deeper fulfillment, more self-awareness and enduring success in life. The power of transformation lies within. The way is in the heart.

Master your consciousness. Master your life.

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Touchstone is a unique coaching program. We start with the knowledge that personal empowerment involves a conscious awakening to a greater sense of self. The one who is most aware of this self leads a superior life.

Through integral consciousness mentoring and coaching, you will learn effective methods to increase your awareness and gain more success. You will discover how to maintain states of awareness that allow you to precisely craft every action you take and easily fulfill your dreams.

The Touchstone Team

We understand the power of an awakened life and we offer you the opportunity to experience this path of harmony, freedom and health for yourself. Our mentors have specialized training, skills and experience, and they are living their lives in touch with the integral consciousness.

The most effective guide helps you discover what is real and what is unreal, recognize how you are using your energy, power and intention, and shows you how to align with your true values in life. Our integral consciousness approach is holistic – we help you explore and access the hidden potentials of your mind, body, and emotions.

Most importantly, we give you keys to awaken to the genius within you who is the source of your integral consciousness.

Our team members play several roles to help you achieve self-healing, harmony, fulfillment and success –

An integral consciousness coach is not someone who dwells on teaching you philosophies. It is a person who has the ability to ask you the right questions and provide the right tools for you to take ownership of your healing, awakening and life. Our coaches have received professional certification and training, and can help you explore your strengths, create solid plans and leverage your values to reach your goals.

An integral consciousness mentor teaches principles, methods and techniques to help you achieve the work of self-actualization and receive the rewards of life mastery. A mentor performs techniques with you to ensure you are getting the most benefit and monitors your progress. An integral consciousness mentor shares a wealth of insights, strategies and knowledge they’ve earned from their own journey to self-actualization and masterful life.

Our mentors and coaches offer proven systems, effective tools and evidence-based techniques that you can use to deepen your awareness of yourself, your needs and desires. They can help you identify and take the right steps to achieve your goals. Together, you will create strategies to overcome roadblocks, master yourself and take charge of your life.

Our professional coaches and expert mentors have extensive training Рand their own direct experience of integral consciousness. They can mentor you to master intentional practices that can improve all aspects of your life. Using the tools of integral consciousness coaching, you can go beyond unconscious limitations that block you. You will be able to re-calibrate your mind, body and heart to experience  the freedom and certainty of an empowered life.

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Meet Chavah Aima –

Chavah Aima
Integral Consciousness Mentor, Certified Professional Coach

Areas of expertise: Integral Addiction and Trauma Recovery, Holistic Detox & Regeneration, Integral Consciousness for Business, Life, Wealth and Health

A Certified Professional Coach, Chavah brings a vast array of experience in integral consciousness to every meeting. She is a highly skilled yogini who has many years of training and practice in the yogic traditions of conscious self-actualization. She has been training and mentoring others to use these systems for more than 25 years.

Chavah offers mentoring, coaching, training and consultation to individuals, families and organizations. She has created specialized integral consciousness tools and a unique program to help you tap in to your integral consciousness.

The 12 Essentials of Life Mastery is Chavah’s breakthrough system for radical self-healing and revolutionary life change.

She offers integral consciousness webinars for professionals, practitioners, coaches, counselors or anyone assisting those who need to recover, restore or reclaim their lives following substance abuse or trauma.

Chavah is available to speak at seminars, conferences or retreats. She offers experiential workshops on the methods of integral consciousness, and the 12 Essentials system for personal and life transformation.

Chavah is an expert consultant, offering effective tools for transformation to trauma and addiction treatment centers, outpatient programs and sober living facilities. Discover integral consciousness mentoring for leadership, teams and staff. Contact us to discuss your needs.


Touchstone Mentors –

Our mentors are experts in yogic psychology, wellness and integral awareness. They present workshops and webinars, teach at Touchstone retreats and give expert advice in consultations with our clients.








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