The Science of Consciousness

The Touchstone Difference

A Holistic, Evidence-Based Approach to Shifting Consciousness

Touchstone is a different system of coaching. We help people create the life they want using proven techniques to achieve optimal brain function for elevated mood, enhanced self-awareness and greater self-confidence. The evidence-based methods we share bring about profound experiences that lead to lasting change. Our approach can benefit anyone who has a desire to achieve optimal performance, a deep sense of purpose and personal fulfillment.

When people enroll in Touchstone programs, they learn a wide variety of effective, proven techniques from the yogic traditions, including Kriya Yoga. These methods have demonstrated their ability to dramatically change consciousness, quickly and permanently. Results include improved memory and concentration, the reduction of stress, anxiety, insomnia, depression and an extraordinary state of well-being.

Kriya simply means, ‘to do’, and refers to techniques that focus on conscious breathing, the repetition of sounds or phrases, simple hand gestures and active movements. Kriya also means a spontaneous flow of energy within the body and the power of thought. This is the basis for the tangible nature of the experiences that come about when using these techniques. Old patterns of thinking and behaving fade away as the brain heals and consciousness expands.  A new person with heightened awareness is born and natural life is restored.

Our programs are designed to teach these cost-effective, simple tools that can be easily integrated into daily life. Yogic practices are taught in individual coaching sessions, group presentations and workshops, providing a supportive learning experience and mentoring to master the methods.

Regular practice brings increased awareness and the ability to skillfully use these techniques to transform emotional states, focus the mind, increase awareness and relax the body. Over time, individuals may begin to experience a profound shift in their innermost identity which instills a positive outlook and brings lasting peace of mind.

Here are links to some of the many studies that have proven the effectiveness of the yogic path of practice:

Sudarshan Kriya dramatically reduces and relieves stress, anxiety, addiction, depression and trauma

Kirtan Kriya improves cognition, memory, mood and sleep

What happens to the brain during spiritual experiences?

Individuals who engage in meditative practices during addiction recovery gain more effective coping skills, heightened awareness of substance abuse triggers and increased dopamine levels.

The Serotonin system as the biological basis of spiritual experience

Spiritual practice increases positive neurotransmitters and have a dramatic impact on mental, emotional and physical health


We have incorporated these powerful, consciousness-shifting tools into a structured, motivational and rewarding mentoring and coaching system. In every meeting with our coaches, there are abundant opportunities to explore and experience an exciting path to life transformation.

Our clients share their life-changing, spiritual experiences with us every day. Friends, family and loved ones are amazed at their progress and the radical changes they have achieved.

We partner with addiction treatment providers and professionals as consultants for conscious recovery programming for patients, clients and family members. Our coaches can provide specialized support before, during and after treatment. We’d love to learn more about your practice or facility, and we value and support ethical referral practices and resources.

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