Discover the Genius within you

In yogic psychology, this human life is the physical outcome of a great energetic adventure. Unified, conscious energy descends through the planes of creation to manifest in human form on earth. As humans take on an earthly identity, they lose conscious connection to their original state in the subtle light of consciousness.

In spite of this loss of connection, each person has within them a power that can mediate between the ego self and their own higher consciousness. We call this mediator the Inner Genius.

Even though you may not be consciously or fully aware of it, your Inner Genius is ever-present. It is that part of you that knows everything, including the big questions of life like:

Why am I here? Why did _____ happen to me? Who am I? What should I do?

The Genius is that small voice within you that prompts you to keep learning, striving and growing, no matter what difficulties life brings. When all seems lost, it is your Genius that whispers: “There is something better in store. Keep moving on in faith.”


When beneficial circumstances and spontaneous synchronicities occur, the Genius is their source. When challenges come along, it is also the Genius who brings them to bear. The purpose of the Genius is to guide, teach and awaken and direct the outer self. It is a conscious impulse that stimulates forward movement from the limitations of the mind toward the limitless identity that is your real self.

We all receive communication from the Inner Genius from time to time. This important connection can and should be actively cultivated and strengthened. With the right techniques and attitudes, it can become an ever-present stream of consciousness that provides wise counsel from a far more expansive point of view.  Imagine your life lived from this all-knowing intelligence.

Achieving identity as the Genius brings clarity, certainty and peace. Concepts of time and space are altered and life’s ongoing drama is seen in a completely new and liberating way. Non-attachment, serenity and self-confidence grow. We become more compassionate, patient and kind.

The Inner Genius is holistic consciousness. It’s awakening changes brain chemistry, which changes the structure of key areas of the brain. The Genius can fully transform your mind, body, emotions and life.

Who is the Inner Genius? It’s the real you – a consciousness that is eternally unaffected by life’s ups and downs. It’s the master planner who holds the keys to your perfect, amazing destiny on earth.

Connecting to your Genius is an integral part of awakening to an empowered, conscious and joyful life. And best of all, there is a systematic way to connect, activate and shift into your ideal life. It’s easy to learn and profoundly rewarding.

I have been teaching and coaching others in how to use this process of inner transformation, and have used it myself to attain the freedom, awareness and success that is our birthright. If you’d like to learn how to get started, give me a call.

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