The power of a mentor on the journey of awakening

Nearly 30 years have passed since I met my first mentor in the arts of self-realization. That first meeting had a touch of magic to it, and I don’t recall many meetings we had after that didn’t leave me deeply transformed.

Meira was a wise women with a local reputation as a spiritual resource for those who were serious about the path from darkness into light. In fact her name means, ‘one who gives light.’ She did give light in many ways, and often it was at the level of intensity of the sun itself.

A renowned champion horse trainer, Meira ran a large training and boarding facility at her farm outside of our small rural town. It was a marvelous place in the forest with beautiful and powerful horses everywhere. We rode often and this ‘horse yoga’ became an important part of my shift into higher awareness and greater balance in life.
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Over the years, we meditated, studied and benefited from the many intriguing guest speakers who found their way to the magical farm. I met my first yogic initiator there and received this transmission with Meira by my side.

You never had to wonder what Meira really thought about anything – she was a focused and clear communicator whose natural grace was tempered by an ever-present sense of command. She didn’t tame those stallions gently, and I think she viewed me and others she mentored in a similar way. Our senses were easily activated, our emotional power was not under our control and the reins of our minds were held by a mere ego with no clue how to drive or command that capability to work for our own good.

My life changed dramatically under her tutelage. Long-held, but unhealthy relationships disappeared. I left the limitations of my professional psychotherapy practice to seek a more liberated way of life. My diet improved and so did my health. I left behind negative habits, self-criticism, self-doubt and a huge amount of control.

Step by step I realized that surrender was the only unchanging part of this journey, the only way forward. Let go, give up, move on, repeat. The ground is always shifting, consciousness endlessly changes forms. As I got out of the way, a new identity arose, a being of consciousness, bliss and presence.

My mind let go of control and I soared to new heights as the bondage, attachments and anchors of ego gave way to a higher truth. Confusion and uncertainty were replaced by clarity and faith. Knowledge merged into wisdom and a great light arose within my core.

Suddenly, one day I knew that I would be moving on. That those days of learning, meditating and riding like the wind at the magical farm were coming to an end. There was no sadness in that change, no clinging to the past. Like everything else, it just flowed into being, in the perfect timing and perfect way.

I moved to India where I continued my development with incredibly adept gurus, yogis and sages. These great teachers and practitioners showed me the true nature of energy and how to use it for the good. More than mentors, some of these teachers were highly evolved humans whose presence alone was enough to initiate deep and lasting transformation.

Over many years I traveled through this sacred land, often not knowing where I would be on any given day; but always certain that I would be perfectly cared for in every way at every step. Those who knew me commented that they were not sure they could do the same. For 14 years, I was a wandering holy women in service to the light, living on faith and supported by the grace of my guides.


That faith was what sustained me. That light is what transformed me. But both of these vital supports would likely not have appeared so quickly in my life had it not been the patient love, wisdom and guidance of Meira. Even more important was her consistency, tenacity and direction.

My own commitment and desire to grow were important factors, no doubt. Yet, without the presence of another person who had already achieved what I sought to attain, my path would have been quite different I’m sure.

Accessible, caring, dedicated to her own spiritual journey, Meira was truly ‘one who brought light.’ I am inspired by her every day as I serve as a mentor and coach for others, and watch their amazing transformations unfold.

If you haven’t had a mentor, or if you are looking for a guide to take you to the next level, I invite you to reach out and connect. Send me a message or pick up the phone. Let’s talk about your journey, your goals and your dreams. Let’s see what stands between you and the greater light, and let’s create a way for you to dissolve those obstacles and experience the freedom that only an expanded consciousness can bring.

For me, the most rewarding part of mentoring and coaching others is witnessing how their lives improve dramatically, quickly and in enduring ways. It’s also my way of honoring Meira and all the others who came my way, leading me away from limitations into a greater light. When you connect with me, I think you too will receive a little of her magic. It lives on in everyone whose lives she touched. Come and experience it first hand.

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