Conscious Coaching for Conscious Life

Touchstone coaches take a radically different approach to coaching. We help people learn how to change their consciousness to change their lives. Our clients learn effective techniques and use insightful tools that help them identify and evaluate the concepts they hold, and discover if these ideas are helping them, or holding them back.

A touchstone is a means of weighing the merits of any concept. Concepts are formed by mental patterns that nurture emotional energies. Most concepts are held and acted upon unconsciously because they have been a part of life since childhood. Limited concepts bring limited results. Expansive concepts bring expansive results.


Our coaches are dedicated to helping you attain an extraordinary state of well-being.  The methods they use not only bring knowledge of the path to a more fulfilling and successful life; the practices can also release a spontaneous flow of energy within the body, which in turn transforms the patterns of thought.

As old ways of thinking and behaving fade away, the brain attains a state of optimum awareness and consciousness expands.  A new person with heightened awareness is born and natural life is restored.

Theses special practices are drawn from the ancient yogic traditions and taught in individual coaching sessions. We encourage everyone to attend our monthly group presentations, which provide a supportive and intensive learning experience, guided by our expert coaches. The group synergy increases the ease and mastery of the methods.

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Soon you will begin to experience a profound shift in your innermost identity, a more positive outlook and lasting peace of mind. These shifts in consciousness bring many changes to your life life, allowing you to experience more meaningful relationships, improved mental focus and power, and greater success in business, career and life.

Our approach to coaching is structured, motivational and rewarding. We offer the opportunity to explore and experience an exciting path to life transformation. Our clients share their life-changing, spiritual experiences with us every day. Friends, family and loved ones are amazed at their progress and the radical changes they have achieved.

The first coaching session is always free, giving you the chance to actually experience the Touchstone difference and apply these methods to your goals. You will also learn more about how to use these tools to deeply transform yourself and achieve the life of your dreams.

Give us a call today at +1 (512) 999.8862. All of our coaches provide virtual and telephone coaching and mentoring. Monthly training groups are also available online or by teleconference. Getting started with a coach is easy and you will soon be on your way to a whole new way of perceiving yourself and the world.

Our mission is to share effective and proven methods to shift consciousness in profoundly meaningful ways. We  partner with people who desire deeper fulfillment, more self-awareness and enduring success in life. The power of transformation lies within. The way is in the heart.



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